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Drones for agriculture & forestry

Drones for agriculture & forestryDrones for agriculture & forestryDrones for agriculture & forestry

About LLEO Limited

Our History

LLEO Limited was formed in 2013 following its incubation at the European Space Agency's Business Incubation Centre in Harwell, Oxfordshire from June 2011 - July 2012. 

Our Equipment

We started out in 2011 flying fixed winged drones until 2015 and started using multi rotor drones for aerial surveys from 2014. We are now using a DJI Agras MG1 spraying drone equiped with two Controlled Droplet Applicators for aerial spraying and a DJI M210 equipped with a Sentera 6X camera for crop & forestry block surveys + a Yuneec H520 with a Sony r10c NDVI/NDRE camera from Agrowing of Israel.

Past Projects / Jobs

We have completed missions from Penzance in South West Cornwall, to the Hill and Mountain Research Centre in Crianlarich, in the west Highlands of Scotland. Working for both small private companies to large Agri businesses such as Bayer Crop Science, McCain and PepsiCo. We have also conducted our own trials and hold a UK Patent for havresting plants acording totheir crop modelthat is generated by using remote sensing data gathered during its growth stages.

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LLEO Limited

Bio Science Park, Main Road, Plumtree, Nottinghamshire, NG12 5NB.

+44 (0)115 896 7535 Keith.Geary@ll-eo.com